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Let's talk about your website...

You have a really nice website. Probably paid a pretty penny for it, too.

A fancy guy with tight pants and soft hands built it for you and you were happy. Where the site would live after he built it didn’t matter. You pay a few dollars per month so you can have a website.

The reality is, your site is sitting in a prison, rotting alongside thousands of other sites without any room to breathe.

The site is slow. And getting slower. You login and you see a bunch of errors and warnings. A sea of little boxes that want you to update things you’ve never heard of and it scares the hell out of you because you’re pretty sure you’ll break it if you click the wrong thing. 

So you avoid dealing with it.

Thus, nobody is keeping an eye on it. Your fancy, costly website just sits there getting slower and more broken until you have to call another guy with a neckbeard and pay him thousands of dollars just to make the site mostly functional.

There’s a better way.

your business matters.
your website should matter, too.

We believe that every business website should be lightning fast, highly optimized, and monitored by an actual human being. Things like regular software updates, daily backups, and airtight security should be available to everybody, not just the nerds or the rich folk.

That’s why we built a different kind of hosting company. We call it The Stronghold.

From the outhouse
to the powerhouse.

Most hosting outfits just give you a menu full of jargon and a bunch of expensive options. You buy what you think you need, then cross your fingers.

We think that’s bush league nonsense. 

Each of our clients gets a custom hosting plan tailored to their needs. We look at your business, your traffic, your design—everything. Then we work with you to make it stupid fast.

We don’t skimp on features, neither. Every single one of our business hosting plans includes the following:

Managed Hosting

Truly Managed

  • We create full backups of your site every single day. Restore within minutes if there’s a problem.
  • Free SSL certificate because it’s not frickin’ 2002.
  • Weekly software updates performed by a warm body, not some automated process that everybody ignores.
  • Your own hand-tuned server with cutting edge caching and optimizations. Also done by a warm body.
  • Best-of-breed image and asset optimization and caching so your whole site loads like greased lightning.
  • Uptime monitoring that will alert another one of those warm bodies if there’s a problem.
  • Flat fee billing. We don’t track pageviews or any of that crap. It’s your server and if you get enough traffic to make it sweat, we’ll be in touch in a flash to discuss options.
  • You choose your server’s physical location. This matters. We’ll look at your primary traffic sources and ensure it’s blazing fast where it matters most.
  • Beefed-up security services to keep out the nefarious jackass types.
  • White-glove migration process. We’ll move your site and handle all of the details so you can have a scotch or a kombucha and not worry about it.
  • SSH/SFTP access to your server. Because you’re worth it. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry—it’s good.

An Armory for Agencies

If you’re a creative agency that’s tired of dealing with the tech side of shipping  client websites, we understand—and we can help. 

(This business grew out of our own agency, after all.)

We’ve been hosting websites for our own clients and our agency partners for years. They love that we handle the nuts and bolts while they stick to creating an amazing experience for their clients.

We offer economic options for hosting partners that still make the competition look like chumps:

  • Each client site gets the same treatment listed above. We’ll even communicate with your client on your behalf, if you’d like.
  • Dedicated hosting environment where you can host all of your client sites for a flat fee.
  • Resell our services instead of sending your clients to GoDaddy or some other crap host.
  • Dedicated agency uptime monitors and status pages; if one of your sites goes down, we both get a text message. Check your site’s availability anytime.
  • We monitor vulnerabilities in real-time and apply security patches as soon as they become available so you and your clients can rest easy.
  • Custom backup strategies. Backup where, when, and as often as you (and your client) would like.
  • SSL is always included because, like we said, it’s 2020.
  • We’ll migrate your client’s DNS to our world-class partner who hasn’t had an outage in 17 years



This ain't our first rodeo

We’ve been building and managing WordPress sites since you needed FTP to install it. Long time.

Our clients include consultants, New York Times™ best-selling authors, digital agencies, world-wide eCommerce companies, non-profits, real estate organizations—pretty much everybody who cares about their website staying up and doing its job.

Whether you get millions of pageviews each month or you just want to put your site in capable hands, The Stronghold has you covered.


Ah, yes. The one thing everybody wants to know.

The fact is, it depends on a variety of factors, but our business hosting plans start at $99 per month. If that number makes your stomach hurt, click here.

For agencies, it’s impossible to gauge a price without knowing the types of clients you have, how many, etc. Best thing to do is just get in touch with us.


The fact is, many of our clients come to us with sites that have been neglected for a long, long time. Sites like that need a bit of TLC before we can move them into our hosting facility. The setup fee will depend on the state of your site when we begin working with you.

Because we’re not a massive hosting provider that’s trying to work with everybody. We’re a specialized company and we work best with clients who understand the value of a fast, secure website.

And the only way we can determine if we’re a good fit for a given client is by learning about them and their business before we start agreeing to stuff. Dig?

The short answer is: probably not. 

We have a small handful of non-Wordpress sites in our system, but those are special cases. If you believe you have a special case, you’re welcome to get in touch and we can talk about it.

The only thing we ask is that you don’t go in and mess with the guts of your site too much. Create posts, pages, all the usual stuff—but if you want to change something else, we would prefer if you got in touch with us beforehand.

There are three scenarios here:

  • We broke something
  • You broke something
  • One of our providers broke something

If we break something, we’ll fix it as soon as possible and at no charge to you. Obviously.

If you break something and you need our help to fix it, you’ll be billed at our standard hourly rate (plus rush fees, if applicable).

If our providers break something, then we’ll communicate with them to get the issue resolved and keep you up to date on the status. 

Let's chat

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